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Feb 1st 2019




Project Description

He philosophy of UDE is built around the concept of the Onye isi oru, or architekton. These were among the names used for “Master Builder” in ancient societies If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably seen the text “Dream | Design | Develop” (More than a few times). This serves as a constant reminder that each of these areas are equally important in the creation process. It is imperative for us to fully understand your dream for the project as it ensures that we create a design that accurately reflects your vision.

We at Yeno Max provided monthly and Year-end financial services.
Skills: Quickbooks Online

1. Maintained Books in Cash Basis

2. Prepared month-end bank account reconciliations and Cash Flow Statements to account for all cash activity and was successful in clearing all reconciling items within the established time frames.

3. Provided to clients financial data, managerial reports, funding, and expenses for daily and monthly reporting in a prompt, courteous manner.

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